The ALCS is Going Through Boston


1-1 series tied headed to Fenway for 3 games in front of the Fenway Faithful. 3 more wins and this team is a world series contender. That is still wild to say considering where we thought they would be at the beginning of the season, but now that we are here I will accept nothing less than a World Series appearance. It's not going to be easy, the Astros are a legitimate team with legitimate threats in almost every spot in their line up. That does not mean that it is not possible, or improbable. In fact there are 3 keys to winning this series. 

    1. Kiké. The literal reincarnation of Jesus. The pope can finally tell all religions to suck it cause he has returned to play centerfield for the Boston Red Sox. Not only does Kiké need to stay red hot, but the entire offense needs to stay the same. I mean there are probably like 15 more records that need breaking and we are on pace to beat all of them. Stay hot score a ton of runs and nothing else matters. 

    2. Pitching. The nothing else matters in part 1 is not true, it just sounded good. We need our pitching. Specifically we need our bullpen that seems to have disappeared a little in this series. We had some of the best performances in Red Sox history in the Rays series, but so far in the Astros series you kind of just have to hope and pray that enough runs were scored in the first 5 innings. Someone needs to be the hero or we could be in big trouble with this Astro's lineup. 

    3. Finally YOU. "Me but Corbin I do nothing, I watch the game and eat my Reese's cups, drink my beer, wear the same shirt, what can I do?" Exactly that my fellow fan. Boston needs a championship. Neigh Boston needs the Red Sox. We have had a terrible couple of years in general, and this Red Sox team is more than a ball club. No one thought they were anything. At the beginning of the year some experts put them below .500, yet somehow they have become the best offense in baseball. They represent everything Boston has felt their entire lives. Fenway is so loud right now you can barely hear the announcers during big plays. Keep up that energy, keep up your superstitions, and keep believing. It is working. There is something about the way that we cheer that seems to pump up these guys like nothing else. You are as much of a piece as anything. 

    We have three games in Boston to take the Astros out of contention. Buckle in these are going to be miserably long and stressful, but duck boats in November will always be worth it. 

See you on the other side. DYE UP. 


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