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An Ode to the 2021 Boston Red Sox

       Welp. Less than 24 hours after I wrote a blog about how the Sox are not out of this, they are out of this. For the first time in franchise history we lose a game 6 and the Astros advance to the World Series. I could sit here and write a god damn dissertation on how we coulda, shoulda, woulda done more in that game and the series in general. I'm not going too.      Instead of bashing all of the bad things that I know everyone who creates content on the Sox is going to. I want to pay homage to this god damn team. At the start of the season it was predicted that this team was barely going to break even with a 20% chance of making the playoffs and 7% chance of making the ALCS. They finished the season with 90+ wins and put up a fight against the best team in the AL. They performed above every single persons expectations aside from their own.      I love this team I have loved the Sox since birth and there are certain years that just feel special. Sometimes in a good way and othe

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