The Red Sox are Not Done


Have the last 2 games at home been fun to watch? No. Were they some of the most frustrating games of the year? Yes. Am I now waking up with heart palpitations? Of course. Does that mean that the Red Sox are done? Hell Fucking no. 

    I think we need to take a journey. Back to years of the past. The year is 2007, Red Sox vs. Indians. Everyone thinks the Red Sox are gonna clean out this series, they had the better record and a better team. Yet 4 games in the Indians have a 3-1 looking like this is it. But as all of you know it wasn't. That Red Sox team came back to win 3 games in a row and sweep the Rockies in the World Series. Not only did everyone else think that the season was over, but it felt like a full on meltdown. Sound familiar? It should, but why stop there on our little Back to the Future adventure?

    Let's go a little further back. 2004. The Red Sox haven't won a World Series in 86 years. Not only had they consistently failed, but in the worst, most soul crushing ways possible. Including the year before, where one Aaron Boone hit a walk off home run propelling the Yankees past the Red Sox in game 7. This year felt like the same old thing. After a fantastic year the Red Sox once again find themselves on the brink of failure down 3-0 to a dominant New York Yankees. I think we all know what happened next. A reverse sweep of our arch rivals and our first World Series since a World War and not the second one. No one thought they were doing it, except themselves. Look what happened. 

    Everyone thinks that this 2021 Red Sox team is done. Problem with that statement is that all year they have been counted out. Yet for some reason all year the Red Sox have proven everyone wrong and somehow survived. They are like cockroaches, kinda ugly, slowly devouring New York, and unkillable. 

    I need everyone to take a deep breath and believe in the team that continues time and time again to prove all the doubters wrong. In points where the Sox need to play 100% they come out and play 110%. I said in a blog right after the trade deadline that this team needs a reason to believe. Turns out the reason is everything. Everyone has been throwing them lemons and they are grabbing them and squeezing every last drop of lemonade. Is it going to be easy? Fuck to the hell no. This Astros team is the real deal. Cheating or not they are a great team. So are these fucking grinders. 2 games that's it. Take them one at a time, be the team of destiny and squash these trash can banging bums. 

Go Sox.


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