One year of podcasting and what I've learned. 

This year 2020 has been nuts in many ways. For the boys at Just A Kickback it has been a good nuts, well in terms of the podcast. As some of you may know we put out our first podcast on 12/17/19. Under the name A Podcast for The College Man. I know real creative right? Then we graduated. 

We didn't have any real direction to take the podcast when we graduated, because you can't have a college podcast and not be in college. That's when the idea hit us. Change our name become a podcast for the average person just wanting to hangout with their friends. This changed everything.

We had direction now and a goal. The only problem was how to get there. We started grinding social medias trying to get our episodes to new people and it worked. Well kind of. We are not a successful podcast by any means if fact we still don't make any money. But what we did gain is a vision of what we want to be and a loyal passionate group of people behind us.

A year of podcast has been wild. I never thought this would last 6 months let alone a full year. We have been talking about dumb shit and booze for a year now and people actually listen..fucking crazy. 

We love what we do and we love the people that are supporting what we do even more. 

By the end of next year I promise you this will be a different narrative. Til then. Dye Up. 


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