Kickback Etiquette (A How to guide)

There has been a lot of talk lately about what a Kickback is and how to conduct yourself at such a prestigious event. Well I am here to clear all that up for ya in this quick guide to a Kickback.   

  • First and foremost A KICKBACK IS NOT A PARTY. 

            There is a clear distinction between the two and you will figure out why once you have been to both. 

  • Do not go into a Kickback actin like your at some house party.    
    • There is no reason to get fucking wild at a Kickback, it is centered around the idea of kicking back and doing nothing. Coming in at 100 mph and immediately asking who wants to go skiing upon your entrance makes you look like a fucking dick.

  • That being said it is perfectly okay to black out at a Kickback. 
    • There is a lot going on at a kickback, usually music, the opposite sex, drinking games, beer die (different than a drinking game).
    • That's gonna be a lot of alcohol for anyone so don't get to frustrated if your first few Kickback experiences end in a cold shower and a trash bag at 5 pm. 
  • Also back to point 2 who am I kidding skiing is always welcome at a Kickback
    • There is really nothing to add here you know what I mean
    • BUT too much it becomes a party.
  • If you bring grass be prepared to share.
    • The Kickback is an interesting beast because it can be a small Kickback or a large one, however in both cases you are expected to act as though it were a small Kickback. Meaning if you wanna light sum shit be prepared to pass it around. 
  • Attire  for your kickback
    • Whatever the fuck you want.
    • Why? See point 1.
    • What not to wear? Anything that makes one look as though they are going to Apple Beta Shitters 34th annual Kentucky Derby Mixer.
That should be it gordos and gordettes you should be ready now to get out there crack a cold Bud Light, huck a little die, and get fucking freaky.

Oh and one last thing Listen to our fucking podcast. Don't be the kid that shows up to a Kickback with no Knowledge of Just A Kickback. Immediate loss of a kickback card. Here I'll even give you the link. Just A Kickback Podcast. Have fun and DYE UP. 


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