I have Officially Hit my Mid Life Crisis

Oh Corbin you're only 23 years old, you're too young for all that. Excuse me? Have you listened to our podcasts ever? Seriously have you? I mean it is available everywhere you get podcasts. Anyways if you have ever even spoken to me you know I am NOT living past the age of 46. So this is it the mid life crisis. Some people buy a Corvette, other people start a shitty blog that no one reads. Me?

I bought a mother fucking guitar. Why you might ask. Solely because one day I watched one mid level youtube video on how easy it is to just pick it up and rip some Pink Floyd. So I went out Van Halen T shirt on blasting Crazy Train and drove my untalented ass to a Guitar Center. Walked in like my dick was fucking Mick Jagger's and demanded a guitar fit for a king... I ended up with a 70 dollar guitar and a 50 dollar amp. Certainly not some rockstar shit but hey I have student loans. 

Anyways I bring this bad larry home and immediately realize I have absolutely no talent. None I can barely get chords down let alone play them in a way that resembles anything but I'm Yours by Jason Maraz (I'm leaving that misspelled). Moral of the story is I should have just started a shitty blog that no one reads. Eh maybe in the next life. 


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