Remember When: A homeless person ransacked my dorm

 I have been known for awhile to have ridiculous shit happen to me that just doesn't happen to anyone else. So I figured why not make it a series? Introducing Remember Whens with Corbin. 

On the first installment I thought best to start with an easy one. Really ease you guys into the life that is Corbin. So here is the time my suite mate brought a homeless man home. 

It was Freshman year of college drinks were cheap and walls were thin. My dorm was set up with two adjacent rooms connected with a bathroom that opened from both sides. It made shitting difficult, but thats a story for another time. Anyways one of the kids in the room attached to mine was out on a trip with some of his uh "Friends" in a city near us. Now these friends were newly initiated and didn't fully know each other yet. That's an important titbit of information there. 

While they were out things started to get a little hazy for my suite mate and he ended up meeting a guy who he thought was a fellow member of his newly formed friend group. This new friend told my suite mate that he left his key in a club and he needed somewhere to stay so he could get his key remade in the morning. Being the good guy my suite mate was  he obliged. 

We can skip the boring part about them doing some drugs and clubs and shit and get back to why this involves me. 

So fast forward to the morning, I wake up around 745 for my 8am class go to brush my teeth and there is a 40 year old man with pissed stained sweatpants in my shower fully clothed letting the water pool in his mouth. This would come to a shock to anyone, but me being hungover and fully pissed I'm up was petrified. I yelled and ran back into my dorm. Naturally that woke up my other roommates who didn't fully believe me. When I finally convinced them to come back into the bathroom with me this strange man was gone leaving behind only a trail of muddy water and some missing toiletries. Naturally we just moved on, it was college and its not like we hadn't woken up to strange humans in our bathroom before. 

Fast Forward again and my hungover ass is on his way back from History of Rock an Roll when I get a call from my other suite mate. He says that I need to come back immediately we have to talk. I get back to the dorm and he's waiting. And this dude is fucking LIVID. I mean just pissed. Apparently this dude that our suite mate thought was a friend was really a full ass homeless dude that stole the blanket and pillow that they had lent him, our toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and a host of other various shit. He then wandered off into oblivion never to be seen again. 

Moral of the story folks, never I mean NEVER trust a fifth of Burnetts vodka and the streets of a newly conquered city. 

Til the next Remember When, DYE UP.


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