Rock and Roll May Never Die

 This week on the podcast (Just A Kickback ) we had the lead singer of the band Stone Nobles and Rock Tik Tok superstar Ross Magliocco on. And the one take away that I had from the whole thing is that Rock will never die. 

Sure Rap and Pop are whats charting and popular with the masses but there has been a revolution lately. People like Post Malone and Machine Gun Kelly have moved away from hard trap beats and 808s to distortion pedals and bass drums. Bringing back Rock and Roll for a new generation of kids. 

Is it the head banging loud as fuck heavy metal of the 80s? No but that is what is going to bring rock back and make it cool to play that shit at Dartys. Don't believe me? 

Post Malone feat. Motherfucking Ozzy Ozbourne- 

Machine Gun Kelly rockin the shit out of a pink guitar with the goddamn drummer of Blink 182-

Rock isn't dead it's just transformed and evolved so hop on the god damn train because it is comin. 



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