Three Movies of the Week


  1. Accepted

    1. Where can I find it: Amazon Prime 

    2. Kickback Score: 8.9

A lot of you are probably reading this like duhhh I’ve already watched it 7 times, but some people are not like you and I. So to those people I suggest you drop everything right now and turn it on. This movie sits as Abraham Lincoln on the Mount Rushmore of college movies. Its cast, phenomenal, with the likes of Jonah Hill, Justin Long, Red Forman, and bombshell Blake Lively. The setup, immaculate, the one liners, astounding, and on top of all that; it’s so damn inspiring it will make you all wanna be S.H.I.T heads. If there is one thing you do this week watch Accepted… oh and ask me about my weiner. 

  1. Mid 90s 

    1. Where: Amazon 

    2. Kickback Score: 8.4

A coming of age story for the ages. Another Jonah Hill classic but this time with him on the other side of the camera. I can only describe it as a modernly beautiful tale with the gritty intangibles that make it feel like you finished a classic book when you actually watch kids skate for an hour and thirty. The music is perfect, and as far as period pieces go rides alongside a Dazed and Confused. If you're looking for a true kickback pleasure, skip the Marlboro reds and watch this. 

  1. Harold and Kumar: Go to White Castle 

    1. Where : Amazon 

    2. Kickback Score: 7.2 

I’m gonna be honest, I threw this one on at 11:30 pm with my arm half in a bag of hot cheetos while reaching for my 12th bong rip. With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised with this fucking gem of a movie. Both Harold and Kumar are lovable and hilarious from the jump and they live the classic post college life a lot of us live now. As far as the story goes, they do a great job of making the all night search style movie actually enjoyable while being funny throughout. Stoner or not, you can’t go wrong with this movie, and trust me you’ll never want white castle more in your life. 


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