Marino Infantry does it Again

Some of the absolute tightest shirts just dropped coming out of Marino Infantry. This is ASAP Ants, better know as ygaddie, clothing line and some of these hoodies and sweat shirt are beyond crispy. 

First off we got this logo which is super simple but with a super different color that absolutely screams I’m gonna rip this six stair. Marino Infantry is one of those cool brands that fluidly merges rappers and skaters. This shirt kinda shows that if you wanna stretch it that far with me. Or maybe I’m just Reed Richards. (Also I other side is corner logo of the same thing)

I saw this one and I immediately had to put on some long johns on because of how cold it is. Lady liberty in front of the New York skyline with the torch in the middle of the a r; it’s poetry. This is the type of shirt you help an old lady cross the street in it. It’s a miracle shirt. 

This one is almost too cool for words. It’s almost too cool for anyone to wear. I think Michael Vick should wear his first then everyone gets to wear it after. I like to imagine everyone meets up in Baltimore (the hometown of Ant) and everyone who bought a hoodie gets to watch Mike Vick put his in then put theirs on. But in all honesty, this sweatshirt belongs in the hoodie hall of fame. 

Last and certainly not least: my favorite t shirt of all time. I’m not even lying I love it so much everything about it speaks volumes. First off, the picture is of Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale two characters from the incredible show, The Wire. I watched this show last year and it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. Not a lot of shows can convey the issues and the struggles of Americans like The Wire does. It’s a story of cops and criminals in Baltimore and through its five seasons tackles some of the craziest things people deals with in this country. What that has to do with the shirt I don’t know, but no the less it is still super cool. They are far too expensive for me, but if you read this and buy one get me one too. Let me know what’s you think I think these are tight.

insta: _pelisson
twitter: pelisson19 


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