An Honest Review of Black Widow


  I will never understand the hate some marvel movies get. I would say there was only one truly disappointing Marvel Movie and that was Thor: The Dark World. Other than that even the seemingly mediocre movies are good movies. 

    That is where this movie falls. It doesn't move the massive hand that is now the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's not setting up the next BIG BAD, and there isn't a ton of easter eggs for those hardo fan boys who eat sleep and breath marvel. 

    What this movie is, is a damn good time. I went to a theater where you could buy booze and watch a movie, so I grabbed a few ice cold bud lights, a bag of popcorn, and a fat bowl of cinnamon sugar pretzels and had a ball. 

    The movie was funny, action packed, and had Scarlett Johansen how was it ever going to be a bad time? Was the plot going to keep me up at night? Fuck no. Was I leaving the theater googling fan theories trying to figure out what the significance of a character? I don't do that shit anyways. But did I have fun watching a cool ass movie in a theater for the first time in a year? You bet your sweet ass I did. 

    This movie is perfect to ease us back into the tangled web of madness that the MCU is cooking up and is honestly a breath of fresh air. It felt almost like the first Captain America. You didn't know what the hell was going on with the Avengers yet you just enjoyed a cool ass movie about some buff dude beating the shit out of some crazy ass nazis'. Go to this movie please transport your self back to a time before crazy ass politics, masks, and world turmoil.  Have fun dammit. 




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