Drawing D***s is America's True Pastime


    America land of the "free" home of the brave. Home too many a yearly traditions. Baseball, Hamburgers, Oppression you know the usual stuff. However there is one tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation that has become some what of a relic in the age of technology. 

    The once great art of drawing a dick where you aren't supposed to. Let me take you back a little. The year is 200 something before the 2010s and most certainly before anything funny in life came in the form of a 30 second Tiktok. You are sitting in class with that one teacher who has WAY to fat of a butt to be teaching children, your buddy goes to the bathroom so while the teacher isn't looking you make your way over and draw a big ol'shlong on the side of his homework. Classic? Hilarious? Your duty as an American?

    Yes to all of the above. While this pranks is hilarious and a classic it is also woven into the fabric of our great nation. Our ancestor's drew massive baby makers all over the British when they threatened their freedom. Benjamin Franklin was not ALLOWED to write the declaration of independence in fear he may put a freedom cock at the end. I am almost 100% positive that Clinton at some point during his presidency etched a long one on the bottom of the desk in the oval office. Drawing meat sticks where meat sticks shouldn't go is what makes us AMERICANS.
    During this age of technology lets reel it in go back to a simpler time and remember where we came from. Let's start being American's again. Jim has a report due at the end of the week? Let there be testicles. Sue is starting a marketing project for her firm? Slip a nice family jewel in there. DO YOUR CIVIL DUTY. 

To quote one of our great leaders John F Kennedy: "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country."


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