Friday Motivation EP.1

    Its the dawn of a new weekend my brethren. As the sun rises on the day of Fri we champions of the weekend know there is but one day left standing between us and them. The day of which we rise and begin our drunken journey through the bliss that is is the weekend. 

    Don thy armor and conquer thy spreadsheet for on this day we defeat another week of mediocrity. Our lord and savior Saturday and Sunday don the horizon in a loving fashion waiting for its champions to arrive. You have fought wicked foes, a foreman, your boss, a landlord, errands. All of which you have taken on with strength and bravery no man can match. 

    It is time my fellow warriors that you enjoy the splendors. Brunches with bottomless mimosas, baseball games with cold beer and hot dogs, bar crawls like a parade of weekend warriors, clubs that celebrate your success'. 

    Don't let your labor be for naught. Get out there and OWN YOUR DAYS this is a war my people and we... WE WILL NOT LOSE.



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