Peaking as an Old Dude

There’s a select group of people who are at the peak of their lives when they are at the age where they should be stumbling around their old house doing crossword puzzles all day. But certain people, Morgan Freeman, Steve Martin, John Daly etc are absolutely peaking in the late latter half of their existence. So today I’m gonna break down some people who are your grandparents' age and are doing more than I am at 23. 

Another great example of this is Larry David. He was born in 47, which isn’t as old as some other guys but definitely grandpa material. He loved doing random jobs as a limo driver and a store clerk while trying to be a stand up comedian. Beside the comedian part he was essentially living the life of George Castanza. Then by the time the 90s rolled around and Larry was already balled as shit looking like he’s on the down turn of his life he fucking grabs like by the wrinkly balls and pulls. All that means is he met Jerry Sienfield. Talk about a slow build, but in the 30 years after that he’s become one of the most beloved comedians of all time. 

In my opinion the best example of this is America’s hero, Morgan Freeman. This dude live 60 whole years before his career started to make waves, and now he’s arguably the most recognizable actor on the planet. This dude was more in 1937. Like he just turned 84 and starred in a movie in 2021. My grandpa turned 84 in February and he’s doing really well for that age but I don’t think he could memorize the script of a major motion picture. Morgan Freeman truly has some incredible ability and I don’t think he’s stopping anytime soon. I can’t wait for my kids to see him playing God in Bruce Almighty 2050 because at that point he very well might actually be God. 

Honestly this list could go on for days, whether it’s Kurt Warner, or Alan Rickman; some people are just late boomers. Which we absolutely love here at Just a Kickback, because just like them we know the party’s not over until it’s the next morning and you wanna put your face through some drywall. These guys understand that that feeling doesn’t come if you just keep going. 

Dye up son


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