Summer is Officially Overrated


    There I said it. I know what you're thinking "Corbin you moron the summer is the best part of the year!" That is just not true anymore. Between the ages of like 6-22 yea you would be right. And if you are reading this in that age range allow me to give you a little preview of what your summers are going to look like post graduation. 

     It's June 23rd finally for the first week this whole cold ass year its gonna be in the 80s. However you also have a job where you sit behind a desk from 8-5 or even worse you are working in someones attic or basement from 8-5. Now when you go into your job its a nice 75 out. You enjoy what? Maybe a walk to your office/job site? Maybe you roll the windows down? Just fantastic. For max 1 hour in the morning it feels like summer. The rest of the day? You could be riding out the apocalypse and have not a damn clue. Seriously as long as you are not working outside you have NO idea what the hell is going on around you. Now 5 o'clock rolls around and you FINALLY break the shackles of your meaningless job and you are out a FREE man. But are you? Cause now you have to drive home we will average that and say 30 minutes give or take. You have to eat dinner because your dumbass forgot a lunch. Now you live on your own so you have to clean up from dinner. We will say that whole shebang is an hour and half it is now SEVEN at night the sun is setting in an hour and its getting fucking cold again. 

    Sure the weekends are cool when you can finally do whatever you want. Then you realize that you have to go grocery shopping and do laundry and clean. When you finally get out on the weekend it's gonna cost ya like 300 bucks just to have a fun night. You are no longer in the back of your moms minivan giggling to Pokemon Silver while she cusses out the parking lot attendant at the beach. No sir you are the angry minivan mom now because you paid 60 dollars for gas just to sit in line for an hour and when you FINALLY get up there this scrawny ass white boy is trying to tell you that the lot is full.

    No, summer is not what it used to be. If you are in that age group enjoy it. Enjoy the fact that you can still call out of your stupid little pizza place job and get hammered with your boys at the beach. Or say fuck it and sit in the sun all day as a lifeguard. Enjoy not having to hole yourself up behind a desk. 

    I can't wait for winter and fall when it feels like the socially acceptable thing to do is just to stay in stay warm and drink til you pass out. 




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