What it takes to be a Pro Gamer



    This week on the podcast we sat down with pro gamer Nutzypoo (Verified on Twitch) and I was shocked. I mean I feel like I am in the majority here when I say that streaming full time seems like the easiest job in the world. Roll out of bed around noon, hop on when you want, play fucking video games for a living piece of god damn cake. Boy was I fucking wrong. 

    There is so much behind the scenes and honestly on the scenes that goes into streaming that really makes it feel like a full time job. Just equipment alone is expensive and difficult to maintain if you want your stream to look good. Then on top of that you have to be CONSTANTLY entertaining to the what 2 viewers if you're lucky when you start out? Jesus man I host a podcast every week where all I do is talk shit into a mic and off it goes. In that 45min-1 hour I have to be entertaining sure. But to do that consistently for 4-5 even up to 10 hours I don't know man. Not even that but when you start to gain a little following now you have to deal with trolls and people who don't like you. 

    Nutzy said said something like "Once you start gaining some notoriety people wanna fuck with you" I'm paraphrasing Nutzy is too good of a person to say that, but I'm a shit person so.. Can you imagine? Every time you mess up you have to deal with you gettin pissed and what 115 people that are there to see YOUR game play only to watch you fail? That's a lot of pressure every single night man. It truly is a grind. 

    I haven't even gotten to the true mentally difficult part, cause even if you make it past all the stuff that I have said before this NOW you have to deal with view counts, trends, sub counts, subscribers, followers, all that jazz. Every second of your existence is now measured by how many people unfollow/follow you today because that is what keeps the lights on. Your LIVELIHOOD is at the mercy of those who find you entertaining and man I would drown in it. You obviously feel it when podcasting and it crushes you. One bad week and you can't help but think that you have a front seat view to your dreams being slaughtered. 

    Now don't get me wrong I am not making any sort of case for Streaming to be up there with tree cutting, firefighting or overnight EMTs. I'm just saying that there is always more to something than meets the eye. You see one funny stream and you're like damn this guy is living life, but forget that it takes people YEARS to get that one funny stream to where it needs to be. 

    If you wanna hear all of this in his words, check out our podcast <--click here idiot. Cause trust me he tells it way better than I can. 

DYE UP.    


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