Events that need to be in the Olympics


    On this week's episode of Just A Kickback (Episode 66) we talked about what event we could compete in in the Olympics. That got me thinking. What events are missing from these games? So here is a list of events I want to see in 2024 (jesus).

Grocery Carrying    

    Now it is no secret that this has been a bit for awhile "Oh men only take the groceries in, in one trip no matter the cost." LOL so funny! But seriously that would be wild as hell each person gets like 400 lbs of groceries and the gold medal goes to the person who can carry the most in one trip. Now that is an event that I would bet on. All of my money every time would go to the dude who looks the most fed up with their existence because you know that dude just wants to get this over with so he can go back to avoiding the family that he created. 

Long Distance Peeing

    Before you come at me for being immature this is another one that would get the people going. There is nothing more exciting to the male or female population than someone who can pee really really far. I'm talking defying gravity far. Now imagine the BEST IN THE WORLD lining up and emptying the drain as far as the eye can see. Electric Factory. Obviously this would be a tough one to broadcast to millions of young fans, but thats someone elses shitty job I just come up with the bomb ass ideas. 

Cup Stacking

    Am I the only one out there who spent one Monday evening watching cup stacking videos? Those things are fucking wild they are like magicians or some shit man. The basically bend air to make these cups fall and stack as they please. So seeing them on the world stage would be incredible. This one I know a lot of people aren't going to understand so this one is for you not sober Corbin. 

Precision Moving

    This one is a timely one because I am moving right now, but it is humanly impossible to move furniture or boxes or really anything into a house without banging the walls. So I would love to see just an obstacle course of screaming girlfriends, dads with back issues, crying moms, tight corners, and stairs that are slightly different lengths apart. Then send a team of 3 carrying a couch through it like a maze. 

I have like 40 more but I am going to end it here before it gets really weird.. but if you want me to get real weird with you let me know in the comment section below. 

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