Moving is the Final Level of Hell


It's been a minutes since either of us has written a blog on here, my reasoning is because I had to move. Which is genuinely the worst possible thing you can do as an adult out of college. All of this misery got me thinking though. I have decided that there are 3 stages of moving yourself places. 

  1. The college phase

        This is the best phase all of your furniture is already there the only thing you really have to bring are clothes, something to get you through the most useless classes in the world(laptop, ipad, a big phone), a handle of whatever piss warm alcohol you managed to sneak past everyone, and yourself. You don't really give a shit about what your room looks like or how big it is. That room is strictly for passing out and pretending to actually do work in. Other than that you are never there. Life is blissful.

2. The First Apartment After College

          Now we get to the stuff that makes 8am's and cockroaches seem like paradise. Your first apartment out side of school is generally speaking pretty ass. It is normally never that great and its usually not really where you want to live. But moving itself is relatively painless. You probably have a mattress, and a small couch. I said probably there because I sure as hell didn't, so it is not a ton to move. On top of that its exciting your first real place, maybe with a significant other. You can't wait to do wild shit all the time and no one cares. However the actual moving is slightly annoying cause now you have to bring what ever furniture you do have and "decorate" the place. 

3. Any god damn move after that

        This is it folks. The final boss. Satan's asshole. What goes bump in the night. After your first apartment you have a life, you have a job, you have furniture, decorations, a significant other that you love dearly but cannot pick up heavy things all of these things have to come together some how in one day and make its way in. It is like if all of your worst enemies got together and devised an evil scheme to end your reign. You have to care about everything. You cannot just throw all of your shitty ass t-shirts in a closet get drunk and call it a day. Everything has a very specific place and spot to put things in. It takes a full ass day. Everyone is stressed. Heaven forbid something doesn't fit then we are all in trouble. It's miserable.  

If you decide to move be fucking prepared after college literally everything gets more stressful and moving is NOT the exception. 


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