Some bands you need in your rotation this Summer

Some bands you need in your rotation this Summer 

  1. The Pretenders 

Absolutely phenomenal that everyone should get into and bump at least occasionally. This group has some of the most beautifully gritty and cool sounding music I have ever heard. Front lady Chrissie Hynde bleeds unfathomable emotion into every single record whether it’s a slow track or an upbeat anthem. She’s like if Ronda Rousey and Michael Buble had a super cool punk rock baby. This is a must check out 

  • three songs 

    • Brass in Pocket 

    • Back on the Chain Gang 

    • Thin line between love and hate 

  1. Sticky Finger 

The Reggae Australian Green Day has made itself a staple in its own scene and it’s about time the rest of the world knows about it. These dudes can fill up the entire kickback playlist and the team would be vining for hours on end. They have so much material and it’s all ideal for beach trips, ripping dye with the guys, and enjoying the sun. If you can’t take a juicy bong rip to the face for some reason listen to these guys instead it’s the same thing 

  • three songs 

    • Gold Snafu 

    • Australia street 

    • These Girls 

  1. Parcels 

If you wanna talk about a vibe you talk about Parcels. If you wanna talk about shaking your hind parts uncontrollably for an entire album, you talk about Parcels. These dudes are revolutionizing what it means to be funky as all hell, bringing back cool disco rhythms and making them super modern. If you’re doubting them at all in anyway stop what you're doing and throw on Tieduprightnow. It is honestly one of the best songs I’ve heard in 5 years. They are going crazy about to drop a whole new album so hop on that train now. 

  • three songs 

    • Tieduprightnow 

    • Comingback

    • Iknowhowifeel


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