The Only Good Part About Being an Adult


  There are a lot of things to hate about being anything beyond a college kid. I talked about how terrible summers are now, but almost every other aspect about being an adult is about the same. Ruined by either cost or time you no longer have. 

    However there is one particular thing that above all else makes you feel some remote sense of accomplishment. That makes you feel a little speck of man this was all worth it.

    Now if you are out of college chances are you have a full time job, AKA a prison sentence. The never ending 9-5 until you die or turn 65 (hopefully). However with that full time job comes one particular perk that makes you feel like you made it. I’m talking about paid time off baby. If you are in school and you have never experienced paid time off before allow me to describe it to you.  

    Imagine you had a big test on Friday, but on the same day all of your friends were throwing a pool party at the rich kids house. Now imagine that because you have been taking these ridiculous tests all year that you have the option to take an A on that test AND go to the raging pool party. That would be dope as hell right? That my friends is paid time off. 

    There is nothing better in this world right now as being PAID to do whatever the hell you want. Now obviously there are limits and shit but still. I mean I could be day drinking on a beach in South Carolina on a Tuesday and guess what? From 8-5 I’m making cash. Does it making working for a company that if you dropped dead tomorrow wouldn’t know you existed? Kinda ya. 

    Listen I know that sounds kinda sad, but hey you gotta look on the bright side sometimes..Right?



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