The Red Sox are Going to Kill Me (Literally)


Welcome back to more sports talk on a blog page for a podcast not about sports. I am stressed. The Red Sox are back though. Kinda. They are 6-4 in their last 10 games and the Yankees have lost their last 3 which means the Sox are back within 2 of the Yankees. 

    At this point in the season I think it is just about time to say that The Sox are not going to win the division. I know there is still about a month left but The Rays at this point would have to have a monumental collapse and The Yankees would have to just lay down and die. I don't see either of those things happening. SO my attention has fully switched to a wild card play in game baby. That's right 1 game for all the marbles. Which may genuinely kill me. Not jokingly haha I'm dead. No I'm talking casket, burial, flowers, the whole damn thing. 

    A one game play in to play in the playoffs against The Yankees (most likely) would be the greatest game of baseball this year. But for fans like me who LOVE The Red Sox the thought of being sent home for 5 months because of the pinstripes is nauseating. On the other hand imagine winning the World Series off of the momentum your team got from beating their biggest rival, maybe the most well known rivalry in sports? That would be the greatest championship this city has seen since '13 and it's for completely different reasons. 

    I don't want to get too ahead of myself though, yes we have the second easiest schedule for the rest of the year, but we have seen this team play REALLY bad lately and it's not out of the realm of possibilities to just not make the Wild Card at all. Last night was a great example of that. Our bats needed to show up better, but that should never have been a 6-1 game we just played sloppy baseball. I know it's against the 2nd best team in baseball right now but still if we want to go anywhere in the playoffs these are the types of teams we need to at least compete against. 

    Listen if we can somehow win the rest of the series on the schedule (including the Rays and Yankees) we have a great chance of being able to play against our greatest rival in the greatest ballpark on Earth. Idk maybe I live stream it or something could be fun to watch me either cry like a little baby or dissolve into 1 million little pieces if The Yankees are the ones to end our season. Let me know in the comments down below if that would be something that you would watch. 

If you like these sports posts you gotta let me know cause I feel like I sound like a moron. 



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