What to Expect from A Night at the Kickbacks 2021

     This week will be our biggest episode of all time. We are having almost all of our guests in the last year on the same damn episode. So I figured I would break down what this award show is about for those of you who were not there for the first one. 

   First of all if you want to listen to last years Award show you can listen to it here: A Night At The Kickbacks . Anyways last years episode was more of a gag than anything. At the time Peli and I were basically fucking around with this whole Just A Kickback thing and this episode perfectly embodies that. We literally had no body on and did TERRIBLE impressions for 45 minutes. 

    However this year, oh boy this year, we have started to really believe that this whole podcasting thing is possible (thanks to you). I mean you are reading this on a website that I built for god sakes. So this award show not only are we going to be making some of the highest quality jokes of all time, but we have actual awards going out to people who have been on/people who have listened, and we have segments from some of your favorite characters over the last year. NEVER before heard interviews from people that you guys are going to love. 

    AND since you fuckers actually took the time to read this article I am going to give you a sneak preview of what is in store. For the first time making his appearance on the podcast is the dad who got so mad that his garage was broken that he turned it into a bar (Episode 60: Garage Bars and Filming Sick Tricks. We talk to him about what the hell was going through his mind on that hollowed day. That isn’t enough to wet your whistle? Shine your griddle? Tickle your pickle? Fine. I guess I will also give you a sneak peak at one of our favorite awards of the night. NO WINNER SPOILERS THOUGH. One of my personal favorite awards that we are giving out this year is the Martha Stewart Award. No explanations, no winners, y’all are just gonna have to let me know in the comments below who you think is getting this award.

Get ready guys cause we have been putting a ton of work into this one and personally I think it is going to be our best episode yet. Hopefully you all are just as excited as we are and we can make this our most listened to ever. Wednesday 8/25. Get Ready.



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