Why do the Red Sox keep Losing?


  What is going on in Boston? Coming into the all-star break The Red Sox were in first place with more than a 1 game lead. Now towards the end of August we are in 3rd place look at a sweep from the Yankees for the first time all year. The Sox went from being an all around shoe in for the playoffs to now more than likely having to claw their way into a wild card position against a white hot New York Yankees. So what happened?

    The big reason is that The Sox can’t seem to get everything going back into a rhythm like they were at the beginning of the season. It feels like one week our starting pitching is lights out but we can’t put runs on the board, the next we are tearing the cover off of the ball and then our starting pitching goes out and hands the lead on a silver plater to whatever team they are facing. The final cog in this slowly combusting machine is the bullpen. Which falls right into place as inconsistent as the rest of the god damn team. We won a game against the first place Rays 20 RUNS to 8 runs with 7 RUNS coming from the bullpen. I know they still won that game but come on man they had a 19 point lead and even then it ended up being a 12 run lead. That’s a lot of damn runs given up especially considering that 99.99% of games dont come close to that score. 

    The other reason as been talked about everywhere. I dont want to beat a dead horse here, but what most people are saying they are saying because it’s true. The Red Sox didn’t do enough at the trade deadline. I honestly wasn’t on board with that notion at first. Mostly because they had a lot of key utility players waiting to come back from the DL and we were finally seeing the return of Chris Sale. In the front office’s mind we had our guys they were just a few days out. I know hindsight 20 20 looking back we are like what the fuck dude, but that sounds like a good ass plan especially seeing as though they were one of the best teams in baseball coming out of the deadline. Now it is crystal clear. The Red Sox needed a spark plug. Someone to come in and be excited to be playing with these guys, remind them that they can make this push that no one thought that they could. I know Shwarber will be great and I love that guy, but that burden can’t fall right to him. I thought maybe that burden could shift onto Sale when he returned, and it looked for a second like it did but after yesterday that is clearly not it either. 

    If the Red Sox want any hope of making the playoffs they are gonna have to turn on the fuckin jets and keep em on until October. Who knows man maybe they get hot and stay hot. They just need to make it to the tournament because we have seen what an underdog group of Sox players can do given the right motivation  (see 04 and 13), question is do they have that?

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