Entering The Ring (Podcast Episode 68 Recap)


I'm going to try this out for those of you who do not feel like actually listening to the pod. These are going to be recaps for each podcast we do so that you can still ingest Just A Kickback content. 

    If you want to listen to the episode after reading how fucking awesome it is just click here ->Episode 68

    Anyways because I don't want to give everything away. You gotta at least take me out to dinner first. I figured for this episode I would give you my 3 things that I would take 12 rounds in a legitimate boxing match and if I would win. To hear Peli's top 3 click the DAMN link. 

1. IPAs

        Now I am not talking about your everyday Harpoon or Allagash. I'm talking about the ones that can only be served in November at exactly 68.2 degrees. Brewed in the utter of a Spanish Cow and sent to the US on the back of Phoenix. It costs 122 dollars and you need to die you hair black to drink it. These mother fuckers I would love to have a regulated fight with. 12 rounds and I'll wear my Bud Light sweater for the fuck of it. 

Winner: Corbin by TKO in the 5th round. However if I am able to land one SOLID punch, a bloody haymaker, this is over as fast as you can say douche. 

2. People Who Don't Know They Are In A Pyramid Scheme

        If you are one of these people leave and never come back. It is such a specific breed of human that gets roped into these like a sheep. It's the dude that is always like: "Yo bro you still work that 9-5 for the man?" "You should really be making more and living life bro" "Wow you're not in complete control over what you make, real sheepish thing to do. Be a wolf." Neither are you asshole I just paid for our uber and your drinks. And by the way "bro" I would rather work a 9-5 til death than go door to door in a very unfavorable neighborhood trying to sell pig skin pocket pussies. 

Winner: Corbin KO 25 seconds in. Do not care who are or what you look like if you are this kid, off the bell I'm superman punching you into a desk job. 

 3.  High School Mascots

        I honestly cannot explain this one. Whenever I see some asshole 26 year old still rocking a: Falcons, Bears, Hawks, Tigers, Insert ocean term here shirt I go nuts. Like there are probably 10s of millions of words in the english language that you could use. It seems like every High School in America uses about 100 of them. Branch the fuck out do something cool. I would love to see a Southern Alabama High Box Spring t shirt or a West Central Kaleidoscope jersey, but no all generic ass animals.

Winner: Mascots. Regardless of whether it is the real thing or a dude in the suit they have a clear advantage. However the dude/dudette in a suit would not be able to knock me out. Hopefully. 

If you like what you read and wanna hear the full thing click the link right here -> Episode 68


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