Friday Thoughts: Shoes Everyone Should Wear

     It’s Friday. I get this funny feeling at 5 pm on a Friday which I can only assume is how our parents felt for the last 20 years of their lives. Only I don’t have to come home to an aggravated wife and bratty kids. No instead I shut off my computer grab a beer and some Ice Cream (Ben and Jerry’s Salted Caramel Core to be exact) and open up my other laptop to write a blog that is only funny to me. 

    I promised myself that I would try and write a blog everyday about something new and exciting. That has turned out to be a monumental task considering I literally do nothing all day and my excitement is the possibility that someone will listen to my podcast or read my blog. No one in their right mind would want to read about that. I could write about the Red Sox again but Jesus Corbin let the people breath a little ya know. So I figured it’s Friday fuck it I’m just gonna write a blog about whatever the hell comes to my mind. So I present to you my top 3 favorite “non” cool shoes of all time. 

    I’m not talking about those dad shoes or crocs cause those motherfuckers have somehow become the cool thing to wear.  I promise you that if you go to any party or bar or something there will 100% be a few of those. No I am talking about shoes that no one wears, but I want too. 

1. Walmart Brand Sneakers

There is something very “cool” about someone who can wear $13 dollar sneakers. If you are wearing these you are either a 70 year old man who just doesn’t give a fuck or you’re the most confident man alive. Either one would be cool with me. 

2. These Sandals

I don’t know why this has become only usable by hippies or dads of young children. These look comfortable as well as useful. You can run/climb/skip really whatever the hell you want to do in them you can do them.  They are like if flip flops had a sport mode.

3. 80s stoner boots

I feel like these need to make a comeback. Like John Bender in the Breakfast Club. Badass. I dont really need to explain this one I feel like. Everyone could use some 80s stoner boots.  


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