Guy Quits 100k Job To Get Rejected by Logan Paul?

    I don't know if people have seen this yet or not. Who am I kidding its the internet 10 year old kids in Somalia have seen it already. Some kid last weekend at the Jake Paul fight somehow made his way up on stage at the preshow and got some face time with Logan Paul. 


      We have to break this shit down cause there is a lot going on here. First of all right off the rip 100k job at 22??? I make WAY less than that. And he has the audacity to say that he doesn't make a lot? Right of the rip this dude is a major jackass. But I digress let's keep going. 

    Then we get to the I have no friends or family part of this clip. Come on buddy you don't think Logan Paul has heard that one before? Like I guarantee (hardest word to spell in the English language) Logan has an entire room of his house were he puts letters that say the exact same thing. On top of that there is about a 25% chance that this guy really doesn't have either and I'm gonna feel like an asshole but I like my odds here. Imagine being this dudes best friend his ride or die the guy that was like "Yo man maybe this is a bad idea you're kind of a doucher for doing this." Only to see your bestie tell the world he has 0 friends or family. Ouch. Moving on. 

    This is where we get to the actual clip of him talking to Logan. Right of the rip bro you HAVE to be more prepared than this. This dude quit again a 100 THOUSAND DOLLAR job to do this and he sounds like a 5th grader presenting their science fair project. How do you lose that much fucking money and not go in to  your speech with any sort of power in your voice? And then he has the BALLs to say to a man who has made a very very very good living on social media that you are good with socials because you did ONE tiktok dance? And admit that you know NOTHING? Buddy you are trying to sell yourself here to someone who knows everything there is to know about going viral and you tell this man that you have no skills. 

    I love the part when Logan was like bro you can't ask for hand outs and this kid some how goes I'm not. EXCUSE ME? You are by the very definition of a handout asking for a handout. I don't know what this kid was expecting him to say other than that. 

    Full props to Logan here though he took this one like a champ. Could and honestly probably should have been the biggest asshole on the planet, but he gave him some genuine advise. If I were in Logan's shoes I would have rolled with this shit so hard. I would have been like ya man I'll give you 12k a year and your new job is to de lint all of my clothes when it comes out of the dryer. You are going to live in my laundry room and pick each fuzz off of my sweaters. If you're lucky maybe in a couple of years you can move to folding my whites. I guarantee (terrible word to spell again) that if Logan offered this kid any job besides content creation he would have been pissed. Why? Cause he was asking for a damn handout. 

    If you want to make a name for yourself online. Don't be this kid. Start a blog and make fun of kids like this and watch your numbers do absolutely nothing because everyone and their mother is doing shit like this today. Hopefully we are just more funny than those shitheads. 



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