How Have we Not Evolved Beyond Cars?


The year is 2021 and I am still for some reason driving essentially the same thing that my grand father did. Sure there may be a few more bells and whistles but the actual driving mechanics have stayed the same. Which is absolutely insane if you ask me. We have technology that allows me to put my thoughts on a document out there for LITERALLY anyone in the world to view. We have giant flying coffins in the sky that can take us to anywhere in the world. Hell billionaires are launching themselves into space just for the fuck of it. 

    So why the hell am I still driving the same technology? Before you all jump down my throat I know that they are working on self driving cars and what not, but don't you think that those should have come like 20 years ago? They should have at least been here before the iPhone, no? Like we have had well over 100 years to work on cars and everyone is just eh they are working fine why change it? Yet it seems like every year the Alexa is coming out with a new way to control our lives. I mean that thing can open and close your garage door for a single package, yet I have to stop and fill my car up with gas every 300 miles? Doesn't that seem ridiculous?

    I figured that at some point along the way now someone would be like "Huh maybe we should put these puppies in the sky?" Or even just make it so we can charge them like a phone. I know they have those now but again I feel like that should have come SO much earlier. At no point during the iPhone building process did Stevey boy ever think to himself, "All it takes to make this thing work again is to just jam a plug in there, maybe I should try that on my Chevy." 

    To make matters worse I think cars have become even more fragile than in the past. I swear to god my check engine light is on more than it's off. Well actually that could just be the fact that I never have money to fix it and honestly my usual game plan for that situation is to just not look at it and hope it goes away. My point remains though, we have had cars for SO long how are we not lifting off in our land, air and water machine? 

    Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. 

    I think I am forgetting something important that I'm going to hate my self for later for not putting it in this blog. 

Oh yea I figured it out. DYE UP 


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