Letter from a Survivor: One Week of COVID

What ever you do be safe and don’t get this god damn virus. For those of you who don’t know my name is Matt Pelisson and today is day 6 of me being trapped in the underbelly of the my house battling of the corona virus. Imagine boredom for miles, looming around every corner. Only so many random video games, only so many movies. The mind cannot take this. The soul is not designed for this level of ennui. Alas I write from the deep pits of circumstance unshaken by the horrible fate bestowed to me. It’s not that bad if you got the vaccine. Sickness wise I was only bad for 2 days, with aches being the only quarrel me and the beast had. It strikes at night too; overwhelming your entire body preventing sleep. But after two days life becomes easier. Whatever you do get the vaccine and stay safe. 


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