So it Goes: A Tribute to Mac Miller

So it goes 

This month marks three years since Mac Miller, a cultural icon, a hero and a prophet, passed away. He was the coolest kid anyone had ever seen, and made you feel like you were right there with him more than any other artist I’ve ever known. I remember this day 3 years ago, I walked into my house, at 12 ocean view, and was hyped for the darty we were going to. Corbin was sitting on the couch and he flat out told me. Immediately I denied it, thinking that Mac talks about death a ton and it’s probably some conspiracy. But he really was, and that was the worst part. 

One song on Swimming by Mac Miller is tilted ‘So It Goes’. It’s honestly one of my favorite songs on the album, sitting peacefully all the way at the bottom of the list. He’s so true in this song, with a simple bass line and some unnerving synths. The entirety of Swimming is a compositional masterpiece and this is no exception. On top of that he provides some bars. Like some fucking bars, ‘Did I mention that her pussy getting wetter when the weather dry ‘ I’m only 5’7 but I’m feeling like I’m 7’5’ and gives us Mac as pure as he is like he always is. It’s the last song living Mac Miller put on an album of his. 

This phrase ‘So it Goes’, is somewhat common, used to brush off something that happens. But honestly it’s been replace by Fuck it and I like that better. There’s another place that this phrase is used famously. That’s the novel Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut. I recommend this book to anyone reading this and if you’ve read it read it again. It’s truly amazing. At every turn of death or mortality in this story he writes ‘So it goes’.  Without diving too deep into the book itself; So it Goes is used to express death as a just another moment in time, viewing time it’s self as if we can see every moment we have lived at that present moment. Essentially seeing your life as a string of moments you can experience all at once. I like to believe that Mac Miller understood this better than anyone, being able to see his life in all forms, and understanding that’s just how his life goes.  That last track on Swimming serves as a reminder that our lives don’t end when we die, but instead we all live on forever through the moments we’ve had on this earth. To Mac and all others we’ve lost we should all say “So it Goes.” 



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