The Red Sox are a Sinking Ship and I'm going Down With it


Well.. That was one of if not the most embarrassing series at Fenway in my life time. I went to one game and I kid you not there were more Yankee's fans there than there were Red Sox. Honestly I don't blame them. They came in here and did exactly what the Red Sox needed to do. If the turn tables have tied in that series we would have been locked into a Wild Card spot. That obviously didn't happen so now they need to win 5-6 games to even have a chance at playing at home. Don't worry I still bought a ticket to the Fenway Wild Card game, because as the title says I am going down with the ship here. 

    Let's be honest with ourselves for a second. No one was expecting us to be here at all with how last season went. So to me this is the rollercoaster ride that we weren't even supposed to be on. If you are a Sox fan you should be enjoying that ride. I know last series sucked, but each time we say that's it the season is over they find some way to crawl their way back into the picture. These guys have some way about them that makes me refuse to give up on them. It doesn't matter how far they slide they seem to always come back. 

    Do I think that the playoffs are out of the question? No. I think that we can somehow create the perfect scenario in which we  come out on top. I will say this until the season is over. We have seen scrappy teams before that no one thinks has a chance of going anywhere, yet we were the ones with duck boats in November. I will not hear anything else until that last out in the last inning. 

Someone back me up. Pray for me and the boys this week it's gonna be a rough one on the liver. DYE UP 


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