Trains Are The Best Way to Travel Can't Change My Mind


I think we can all agree here that long car rides have to be the worst way to travel. The literal only good thing about traveling by car is that you are in control of where you are going/when you can leave. Other than that there is just no upside to it. It's cramped, uncomfortable, usually slower. Fuck long car rides. Anything over 2 hours I am looking elsewhere for transportation. 

    What type of transportation you might ask? Trains. I know people are going to try and fight me and say that planes are the best way to travel, but you would be wrong as hell. As long as you are not traveling overseas there is just no reason to go through that hassle. 

    Planes are expensive, they take forever to get into, you have to deal with cramped quarters, the entire time you are breathing everyone else's air, 99% of time there are kids crying, your ears are always popping. Jesus that sounds miserable. You know what doesn't have most of that? Trains. You can sit back stretch out and relax as you wiz by traffic and slow ass old ladies. It is super cheap. I live about 45 minutes outside of Boston. Which I can drive sure. Or I could pay 8 dollars and get there in 35 minutes. It's a no doubter. 

    I haven't even gotten to the really good reason yet. NO ONE HAS TO DD. That's right baby you are basically being chauffeured straight to whatever you are doing and the whole time you can be drinking. Sneak a few nips, vodka in a water bottle, beer in a brown bag doesn't matter. Once you get to your destination you can drink as much as you want and no one has to worry about how you get home. 

    However I am not an unbiased writer. I know there are down sides. Usually the train has very specific times that you have to be on it, you are still breathing the same air as everyone else and I would say like 40% of the time  there is a crying child. I still think that the pro's out weigh the con's let me know what you think.



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