Would You Lick A Subway Seat? (Episode 69 Recap)


Hopefully you guys liked last weeks recap cause I’m not fucking leaving. This weeks episode was almost really good. I say almost because computers blow and recording software can play in traffic. Basically our recording software shit the bed for about 5 minutes in the middle of the episode causing us to have to delete a VERY good question to the game of “How much would it cost.” If you haven’t listened to the episode yet you can listen to it here -> Episode 69

    As for the actual recap of the episode I figured I would ditch that lame ass idea and instead give you what I like to call THE LOST SEGMENT  

    The question posed was How Much Would It Cost to Like The Underside of a Subway Seat. And I am not talking about the chain restaurant people I mean the public nasty ass train system. Whether you call it the T, Metro, the L it is all the same disgusting Petri dish of disease. Great way to cheaply travel around a city though. So the question remains how much would it cost for you to lick it?

    I will tell you my answer, but before I do I need you all to know that I am terrible with money and until recently had MAX 100 dollars to my name. I said 200 dollars and I am licking the bottom of the seat like a popsicle on an August afternoon. Why 200 you ask? Simple after licking I would immediately go get myself tested to make sure that I did not contract the same disease that created Venom. No black  man-eating ooze for me. Then after that you are looking at a profit of like 100 bucks. 100 bucks and no diseases that sounds like half a night out to me. I’m already in the city anyways lets have a time huh? Again I know its low for how gross that shit really is but again I am TERRIBLE with money so take it with a grain of  salt, or half chewed meth laced spearmint gum. 

    What would your price be, would you even do it at all? Let me know in the comments below and again if you wanna listen to the episode to hear our other How Much Would It Cost questions you can click here ->EPISODE 69


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