What a god damn series. I don't know how the hell they managed to make every single game a nail biter, but it doesn't matter they won. If you are somehow living under a rock and have no access to the internet, the Red Sox beat the Rays 3-1 in a 5 game series. Riding on the back of massive home runs and the hottest offense in all of baseball. 

    Where to start? I mean you kind of have to start with the fact that Kiké Hernandez is the literal second coming of Jesus. Set a postseason record with 8 hits in a row, has more extra base hits than everyone still playing, and walks it off to top off a PERFECT series. Kiké wasn't the sole champion here, everyone and I mean everyone was on fire. JD is hitting damn near .500 in the postseason, coming in with clutch hits and playing through whatever pain he may be in. Speaking of pain we need to talk about Gerrit Cole's father, Devers, this dude you can tell with every swing is in so much pain. Yet goes out there has a 3-4 game with a monster 3 run jack to give the Sox an early lead. This hitting segment would be fucking useless if I don't mention Vasquez. I don't know if this man was just born for the moment, or what, but a walk off HR in game 3 and the single that ended up being the winning run last night. God damn I am feeling so good about this lineup going into the ALCS. There are so many more guys who are tearing the cover off the ball, but unless you want a 4 page essay I will stop there. 

    Nails, nails, nails. The only way to describe our pitching in that series. Yes Sale and E-rod had bad starts, but then Houck and Pivetta come in and bitch slap the entire city of Tampa Bay. There were a bunch of underrated pitching performances that need to be talked about too. Eovaldi again came out and big dicked a fantastic line up. E-rod was able to redeem himself last night with a performance that may have just been the difference in the ALCS and the off season. Whitlock was just incredible. That dude never looks phased and with the season on the line and a man at second went out and shoved it. Then goes on to have a 7 pitch ninth inning? He is going to be a weapon for a very long time. 

    One thing that is going to go completely unnoticed is the Red Sox defense in that series. For a team that was rated worst in the MLB in defense they really didn't have many big moment blunders. In fact the only one that I can really think of is the Schwarber one and that really didn't mean anything at the end of the day. No this series the defense actually had some huge moments, especially in the outfield. I think all the stars finally fucking aligned. 

    So we win, yet again. I love the fact that there were people out there saying Rays in 3 or 4. This team has something special that not a lot of other teams have. I don't think it can be quantified in one particular stat, or person. It's a feeling around them whenever they step up to the plate or on to the mound. Watch out because this feels like the team of destiny. I hope we don't have to face the mammoth line up in the Astros, but honestly I don't really fear one singular team anymore. In my opinion the only people that can truly beat the Sox now are themselves. Let's enjoy this win and get ready for Friday. SOX TO THE FUCKING MOON BABY. 

Dye UP. 


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