Tampa Bay V.S. Boston ALCS Preview


Do I even have to recap the Wild Card game for you guys? I was there and I will never forget it. BY FAR the loudest that Fenway has ever been. I still can't talk right. It really does never get old ending the Yankees season. I think the last time they fully eliminated us was 2003 and they lost the World Series still. I think it is officially time to say that the "Big Bad Bronx Bombers" are no more. The Yankees have a lot to work to do, but who really gives a shit because the Sox are officially in the Playoffs. 

    A 5 game series against the best record in the AL Rays is a daunting task. They have a lineup that somehow manages to weasel their way out of any deficit and a bullpen that might be the best in the league. There is a reason that they got 100 wins this season. They are a really good baseball team. However I don't know if this means that the Sox have no chance. 

    Yes, the Rays have been great all season long, but people forget that when The Red Sox were playing their peak baseball we were in 1st place by a decent margin. In fact Tampa had to win something like 16 in a row or something just to start to take that spot back. If the Red Sox play like they played on Tuesday this could be an interesting series. Probably a very intense series as well.

    There really are two scenarios that I see this going. The first being the Red Sox do the '21 Red Sox thing where they just forget how to play baseball. The other being we go into Tampa win 1 of the 2 there we come back to Boston we have Eovaldi at home, another light out performance, and then anything can happen at that point. 

    This is playoff baseball. You cannot count out any team, because as much as you meat head, mafia, mother fuckers in NY want to just say eh ya we lost but you guys are fucked in the ALDS anyways, every team deserves to be in the position that they are in. These are the best of the best competing against each other and I think that people discount the Sox while forgetting they were the second best team in baseball for almost the entire first half. Watch out cause from what I saw with my own eyes on Tuesday these guys 1000% have the momentum/motivation to make a push for the ages. 

    What do you guys think about this being a video series instead of a blog? Would love to hear what you guys think. 



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