The Wild Card Goes Through Boston


Well they did it. Like the rest of the season they had to do it in the most stressful way possible, but that doesn’t matter now because they are in the Wild Card game. Maybe more importantly they are HOSTing the Wild Card game. 

    That was a huge series against the Nationals that seemed like it lasted an eternity. Shout out Rafael Devers for being the exact player that I think all of Boston at this point knew he could be. We completely silenced what may be the best bat in the NL all series long. After that Orioles series I really did think that our season was over. Call me a fake fan call me a loser, whatever you want but I will not believe a single person that can look at me and tell me that they were confident after losing 2 to the literal worst team in baseball.

    So we are in the Postseason, not the Playoffs yet, but in my last blog I said it and I will say it again. After last season, and after everything that happened at the beginning of the year, if you asked any real Sox fan after our first 10 games if you would be okay with a Wild Card finish and the chance to take out the Yankees everyone would be 100% okay, even happy with that. 

    Now that we are here it is time to pray that Eovaldi does WAY better this time around. I want Devers and Bogearts to ruin Gerrit Cole’s Cy Young dreams, and I want to see an absolute blood bath fight to the death kind of game. 

    We are all riding the sinking ship at this point, question is, are we going to get off and onto a rescue boat or are we join Davy Jones at the bottom of the ocean. I honestly think I would have rather have been playing the Blue Jays, because that lose would hurt a whole lot less than if we lose tomorrow. You know your boy had to get tickets and go. You are a mad man if you think I have the capability to just sit at home for this game. No shot. I’ll see you fuckers Tuesday. 



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