How The Red Sox can Make The Postseason


People seem to like these. I don't know it gets the most views so I am kind of just assuming. If not let me know. 

    There is officially only 4 series left in the season. Not at all where I think a lot of people thought we would be coming out of the all star break, but you can read about that in my other blog here -> blog. Now that we are here though it is utter torture. I knew I would hate every single second of this. Last night I purposely shut my phone OFF just avoid any updates so I can finally get some decent sleep. It feels like every single game is a must win and when you have dropped the last 2 series to games that you should have won it is brutal. However they go into the game today tied for 1st for a wild card spot and if they can take the series against the Mariners tonight you can kind of count them out. 

    Now what do they need to do to actually get in at this point is a whole different story. Right now like I said they are tied for the first place wild card spot. Good news? Not if you live and breath baseball. They are in a 3 way tie which means someone is the odd one out. The other 2 teams; Blue Jays and Yankees have had a crazy second half specifically the Blue Jays who caught fucking fire these last few weeks. Basically we are going to have to go up against two JUGGERNAUTS and come out on top of one. 

    This isn't a death sentence though for a couple of reasons. First and foremost 6 of our last 11 games are against the Orioles. Given the Red Sox in the last month we can no longer just assume a sweep of all 6 so lets give them 4-2 Red Sox. The other 2 series are against the Mets and Yankees. The Mets series is only 2 games and I know that I just said every game matters but with the 11 games against the Orioles losing both of those would not be detrimental. The Yankees series however to me is the make or break moment of that series. If we can pull off winning that series we can pretty much guarantee at least the second Wild Card spot. But Corbin how does 3 games determine the whole season? 

    I hate to say it but it REALLY does. The Yankees last two series of the year are in Boston and in Toronto. If we can beat them up in the house that Papi built, and then they have to go into Toronto while we stroll on into Baltimore I like our odds. But we can't just let the yankees go 0-6 in their last 2 series as much as that would make me SO HAPPY once they get to Toronto I am going to be rockin the shit out of some pinstripes, because the LAST thing that I want to do is face fucking Robbie Ray in Toronto against the best offense in baseball.

    If the Red Sox want to make the playoffs and have a chance at playing at home the Orioles need to do what they have done all year and lay down and die. We need to make the Yankees look like an ugly red headed stepchild and we need to pray to god that we don't need to use Chris Sale or Nate Eovaldi before the one game play in. So we can have a chance at quieting the best lineup in baseball. 

Pray for me these next few weeks. DYE UP 


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